Our 50th Reunion was wonderful! Thank you, thank you to all who came, and helped too. Many suggested that we get together again in a mere five years. Why not? We have a good working email list now, so let's try.

I will post all the bios which came in during the final week before the reunion, and if you send me photos, I'll put them up as well.

16 September 2010

No picture, but here is a letter from Bill Avrett.  Link

A message from Al Holly: We just got back from the hospital. Test results don't look that bad and I will start a new series of chemo with the addition of another drug $300.00 per pill once a day. Thank God for insurance. The IV part will be Mon. and Tues. so we should be able to attend the reunion. I'm sending in the registration today. We are not moving to little Rock. We will just stay there 2 or 3 nights a week during treatments. Hopefully we won't need it for more than a year and we will make it available to other patients that come from all over the country and the world. Hope to see you at the reunion. Al

Ed Note: May I add that Al is really trying to get to this reunion. We all wish him well in this fight.

Pris Spring Roehm, photo taken June 1010 on tour of Germany. Pris can't make it to the reunion: Another decade has passed and many changes have taken place. In 2002 my husband Tom passed away suddenly leaving me with some decisions to be made. After visiting my daughter, son-in-law and 5 year old granddaughter at Christmas, I decided to move out to Santa Clarita, north of Los Angeles where they were living. That meant retiring from teaching, selling my house, and leaving many friends from living 24 years in Jacksonville, FL. The next 2 ½ years were spent enjoying my daughter and being grandmother.
Buying a house with land for their horse was impossible in CA so my daughter and family found a place in Santa Fe, NM. They are both involved in the movie industry which has expanded in New Mexico. What should I do? Their place was 25 miles out of town which didn’t sound so good if I wanted to be involved in church and quilting activities. When I told my sister Phyllis, she said “Why don’t you live with me in Vermont?” I said, “Because it’s cold there!” Her husband had passed away two weeks before Tom so we were both alone. After some thought though, I did decide to move to Vermont. What a wonderful decision! I’ve been here 4 ½ years and except for the cold have loved every minute. I’ve become active in the Quilting Guild and am its Webmaster now (www.cvqgvt.org).
What will the next decade bring?

Nancy Blod Gustafson, from Roscoe, Illinois: 
This is a self-portrait done for one of my continuing photography classes. The lighting is harsh.  For our 60th reunion, I'll definitely use photoshop!

Lauren Dunbar sent these pictures from the Viet Nam memorial. Lauren can't make it to the reunion but sends her greetings to all. She sought out the name of our class VP, Dave Austin.

Charles David Austin
MAJ - O4 - Air Force - Regular

His tour began on Apr 24, 1967
Casualty was on Jun 7, 1978
Hostile, died while missing, FIXED WING - CREW
Body was not recovered

Brenda Walker Swords with husband Peter, and granddaughter Anjali, in Paris, January 2009. Brenda plans to come to the reunion. Look for her bio somewhere here! Read Brenda's Bio

Dave and Judi Kelsey. Whats to say about us? Happy, healthy, enjoying retirement. 2 kids (and spouses) and 4 grand kids, all live within 7 miles in the Seattle suburbs. We have a home there, and a retreat on an island called Cypress Island, in the US San Juan islands... We spend 3 - 4 months a year there watching killer whales, bald eagles, otters, seals, and an abundance of bird life. We enjoy reading, cooking, genealogy, traveling, and I spend a good deal of time wood carving NW native style art. Life is good.

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