Our 50th Reunion was wonderful! Thank you, thank you to all who came, and helped too. Many suggested that we get together again in a mere five years. Why not? We have a good working email list now, so let's try.

I will post all the bios which came in during the final week before the reunion, and if you send me photos, I'll put them up as well.

10 November 2010

Bill Irwin's Photos -- part 2

Rita and Bill

Nicki and Russ Kimes

Signe & Jerry

 Donna Crabbe Smith and Randy Smith, Michael and Toni Slimak, Bob VanDerheyden, Jerry and Signe, and Bob's wife, Elaine
Another table full:  Harvey and Andrea, Carol Irwin, 
Janney Kingsland Lawson, Lissa and Kent, Bob and Kendra

Judy Peterson Kolwicz, Diane Randall Wells,  Susie Munger, Steve and Carol Richardot Enright, Sarah von der Heyde Richards, Steve and Brenda Walker Swords.

B.J. Heywood, Gloria Shreyer Murphy, Beverly Byrne Walker Gary Walker

Vance Packard, Rita, Nicki and Russ Kimes, 
Ann and Herb Smith, Barbara Smith (Vance's wife) 

Vance and Barbara

09 November 2010

Bill Irwin sends his photos

 Al Holly
 Bill and Carol Irwin

Bill and Jerry at the brunch

 Bill and Susie Munger

 Don Cerullo talks to Mike Mattiello, with Bruce and Connie Taylor in the background.

Harvey and Bill, with Rita in background
 Harvey and Andrea Rohde
Karen and Chris Chase

Lissa, Don Souden, Kent, Vance Packard, Bill and Herb Smith

Mike Mattiello

George and Nancy Hebard

21 October 2010

October 21, 2010

Recognize this?  How many had elementary classes here?

18 October 2010

More pictures! These are from Lissa

Judy Peterson Kolwicz and Diane Randell Wells

 Bob Gemmett and Lissa Couch Barker

Vance Packard, Ann (Herb) Smith, Nicki and Russ Kimes
and Barbara Smith 

Bill Irwin talks to Karen Chase and Nancy Hebard

Bev Byrne Walker and husband, Gary

Carol and Bill Irwin and Janney Kingsland Lawson

Gloria Schreyer Murphy and Bev and Gary Walker

Dona Crabbe Smith, Mike and Toni Schettino Slimak, Elaine and Bob VanDerheyden

Sarah von derHyde Richards, Peter and Brenda Walker Swords, Judy Peterson Kolwicz

Kendra Baxter Gemmett, Harvey and Andrea Rohde

Onward New Canaan.  Lissa ordered a great cake for dessert.

The room full of us

14 October 2010

Early pictures from the reunion. I'm hoping for more, and better

Mary Naylor Connor, Signe and Jerry Mather, and Kent Barker

Carol Irwin, Kendra, Andrea and Harvey Rohde, Bob (Kendra) Gemmett

Harvey Rohde, Don Souden, Kendra
At Kiwanis Park picnic

 Kent, behind Lissa Barker, and Bob (Kendra) Gemmett
at Kiwanis Park

Bill Irwin, looking inscrutably pensive

 Harvey and Andrea Rohde, in from Kennebunk, ME

Herb and Ann Smith came down from Fairfield -- twice!

Steve Adams, George Hebard, and Chris Chase,
Looking through the yearbook to see if there have been any changes
 since the photos were taken.

Steve and Carole Richardot Enright,
who joined us from Concord, MA

12 October 2010

Last minute bios.

Bruce Titus sends this picture of himself and his oldest grandson, Will, on his first day at the helm.  From Bruce:

I’m sorry not to be able to attend the reunion. However, I hope that the weekend will be a resounding success. As promised, here is a “Reader's Digest” version of my life since NCHS.
Four years after NCHS, I departed Williamsburg, VA and William and Mary (fortunately, with a degree) and headed to Newport, RI and Navy OCS. During the ensuing four years, I served one tour aboard the USS Shangri La as the photo interpreter with VFP-62 followed by a stint of presenting intelligence briefings to ships deploying to the Mediterranean. Then, discharge in hand, I returned to W&M for law school -- they seemed pleased to see what a touch of maturity did for me.
I spent the first eleven years of my legal career at the U.S. Department of Justice. Since then, I have been in private practice and am currently a member of Rees Broome, PC. My practice centers on commercial dispute resolution with an emphasis on design and structural failure litigation and the representation of architects and engineers. I also serve as a mediator and arbitrator with The McCammon Group.
My wife, Susan Hicks, and I have four daughters (a teacher, nurse, architect and actor) and six grandsons. During the winter we usually get in a bit of skiing out west and, in warmer weather, some sailing on the Chesapeake Bay and, on occasion, in the Caribbean.
It’s hard to believe how fast it’s gone by….
Have a great weekend!!!
P.S. I have attached a recent family photo:


Sarah (von der Heyde) Richards:  A brief update on my life: 
   Am still working, tho part time now, as a primary care pediatrician at a community health center run by Mass. General Hospital. Since I have been here for 35yrs, I now see children and a few grandchildren of my former patients!  I have 4 children and 6 grandchildren (ages 14yrs to 10mos) who fortunately all live in the Boston area. I love being a grandmother and being involved in their lives! After living in Lexinton for 27yrs, I moved to a condo in the neighboring town of Waltham. I also enjoy spending time at our summer home on Lake Winnipesaukee in NH. I am a 10yr cancer survivor (CA of the mandible) and am now being faced with needing a hip replacement-the joys of growing older! I love to travel-next trip is in March to Patagonia.

Mary Ellen Naylor Connell

When the NCHS Class of 1960 last gathered in 2000, I was serving as a member of the Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Staff in Washington. In the fall of 2001, I retired from the United States Foreign Service and began my third or fourth career as a political/military analyst and consultant to companies and universities.

My main “gig” is as a research analyst in the strategic studies division of the Center For Naval Analyses, a federally-funded research and development center, which supports the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps and other U.S. Government institutions. The work is very interesting and I have been happily challenged to develop some expertise in parts of the world which I had not previously studied (my graduate degree is in French literature) or where I was assigned as a diplomat. As you might imagine, these include the Arabian Gulf and South Asia, the southern and eastern littorals of the Mediterranean, and China.

Recently I have been assisting the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) with its outreach on national security issues. This involves working with the real-life equivalents of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his team. It is important work and also fun. I hope to keep doing it for a while. 


23 September 2010

More classmates getting in touch

Bob Van Derhayden and Elaine Holt

Bob VanDerhayden writes:

20 years just outside Scranton, Pennsylvania in a town called Waverly.
Love our big  old farm house... Fish in our pond. Swim in our pool,
hunt in our woods, sled on our hill and enjoy the gracious country life.

Same wife for 43 years.. the former Elaine Holt. NCHS class of 64.
3 children...4 grand children.  Own and operating 10 radio stations
in Northeast Pennsylvania and NY State.
Building a G-scale outdoor garden railroad.
Voice of the New Canaan Rams. This year will be my 52nd  !!!

Survived colon cancer, the gypsy moth infestation and most Democrats.

Still rockin' and rollin' after all these years.

Jim and Judy Johnson Corfield

So sorry I'm not going to make the reunion.  I've been in charge of a quilt show for the last two years and it's the same weekend.  I knew that when I said I'd call people. Anyway, give my regards to everyone.  I'm shocked at the number of people we have lost in the last 10 years.
My last 10 years have been glorious and challenging.  We've had two children married and now have 3 grandchildren.  It's wonderful to have 2 of them close by and calling to visit us.  We've traveled the world with the American Horticultural society as tour leaders but than came to a halt when I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago.  All is now fine and I'm back to normal.  Five years ago we decided to expand our house since we liked our neighborhood.  It was a good thing since we have first floor living and it has been needed more than once. Other than than the normal aging process and the medical problems than come with it, we've survived nicely.   I am reminded of Vance Packard's comment 10 years ago that "life is a series of inconsequential decisions."  As I think back over the flow of my life, it is really true. Career paths, where you live, close friends, all because of an inconsequential decision.
I wish you all well and hope to read about others as time draws near for the 50th.  If you have a great time, I suppose there will be more.  Keep me posted on the doings, how the events go, and any news that you hear.  Fondly,  Judy

Jan Davis and Sally Ann King
Sally's update:  
Can it possibly be 10 years since our last reunion?  After that reunion Jan Davis followed me home for a visit in Massachusetts.  We stopped along the highway and each ate two hotdogs that were being cooked and given out by local boy scouts.  Do you remember that Jan?  Well, this year we got together and the lunch was double lobsters!

Bruce and I will be married 49 years in December.  Our 9 grandchildren range in age from 5 to 20.  Eight of them are boys.  They all live in Massachusetts so we have had no great desire to move any where else. 

We have become very politically active and I had a great time working on Scott Brown’s campaign. You may recall that he took over “the people’s seat” that Ted Kennedy sat in for so many years.  Bruce likes to say that we moved here when they were importing Republicans but to be honest with you, I am more of a Tea Party grandma right now!

My mother has been living with us for the last 7 years so traveling and other neat stuff has been somewhat limited by our own choice.  She is 98 and unable to live on her own and we are happy  to be able to give her support and care at this time.  We all watch the wild turkeys (22 of them) and enjoy the deer now that they are fenced out from the gardens.  The children and grand children visit often and so our hearts are very much content to be here.

16 September 2010

No picture, but here is a letter from Bill Avrett.  Link

A message from Al Holly: We just got back from the hospital. Test results don't look that bad and I will start a new series of chemo with the addition of another drug $300.00 per pill once a day. Thank God for insurance. The IV part will be Mon. and Tues. so we should be able to attend the reunion. I'm sending in the registration today. We are not moving to little Rock. We will just stay there 2 or 3 nights a week during treatments. Hopefully we won't need it for more than a year and we will make it available to other patients that come from all over the country and the world. Hope to see you at the reunion. Al

Ed Note: May I add that Al is really trying to get to this reunion. We all wish him well in this fight.

Pris Spring Roehm, photo taken June 1010 on tour of Germany. Pris can't make it to the reunion: Another decade has passed and many changes have taken place. In 2002 my husband Tom passed away suddenly leaving me with some decisions to be made. After visiting my daughter, son-in-law and 5 year old granddaughter at Christmas, I decided to move out to Santa Clarita, north of Los Angeles where they were living. That meant retiring from teaching, selling my house, and leaving many friends from living 24 years in Jacksonville, FL. The next 2 ½ years were spent enjoying my daughter and being grandmother.
Buying a house with land for their horse was impossible in CA so my daughter and family found a place in Santa Fe, NM. They are both involved in the movie industry which has expanded in New Mexico. What should I do? Their place was 25 miles out of town which didn’t sound so good if I wanted to be involved in church and quilting activities. When I told my sister Phyllis, she said “Why don’t you live with me in Vermont?” I said, “Because it’s cold there!” Her husband had passed away two weeks before Tom so we were both alone. After some thought though, I did decide to move to Vermont. What a wonderful decision! I’ve been here 4 ½ years and except for the cold have loved every minute. I’ve become active in the Quilting Guild and am its Webmaster now (www.cvqgvt.org).
What will the next decade bring?

Nancy Blod Gustafson, from Roscoe, Illinois: 
This is a self-portrait done for one of my continuing photography classes. The lighting is harsh.  For our 60th reunion, I'll definitely use photoshop!

Lauren Dunbar sent these pictures from the Viet Nam memorial. Lauren can't make it to the reunion but sends her greetings to all. She sought out the name of our class VP, Dave Austin.

Charles David Austin
MAJ - O4 - Air Force - Regular

His tour began on Apr 24, 1967
Casualty was on Jun 7, 1978
Hostile, died while missing, FIXED WING - CREW
Body was not recovered

Brenda Walker Swords with husband Peter, and granddaughter Anjali, in Paris, January 2009. Brenda plans to come to the reunion. Look for her bio somewhere here! Read Brenda's Bio

Dave and Judi Kelsey. Whats to say about us? Happy, healthy, enjoying retirement. 2 kids (and spouses) and 4 grand kids, all live within 7 miles in the Seattle suburbs. We have a home there, and a retreat on an island called Cypress Island, in the US San Juan islands... We spend 3 - 4 months a year there watching killer whales, bald eagles, otters, seals, and an abundance of bird life. We enjoy reading, cooking, genealogy, traveling, and I spend a good deal of time wood carving NW native style art. Life is good.