Our 50th Reunion was wonderful! Thank you, thank you to all who came, and helped too. Many suggested that we get together again in a mere five years. Why not? We have a good working email list now, so let's try.

I will post all the bios which came in during the final week before the reunion, and if you send me photos, I'll put them up as well.

10 November 2010

Bill Irwin's Photos -- part 2

Rita and Bill

Nicki and Russ Kimes

Signe & Jerry

 Donna Crabbe Smith and Randy Smith, Michael and Toni Slimak, Bob VanDerheyden, Jerry and Signe, and Bob's wife, Elaine
Another table full:  Harvey and Andrea, Carol Irwin, 
Janney Kingsland Lawson, Lissa and Kent, Bob and Kendra

Judy Peterson Kolwicz, Diane Randall Wells,  Susie Munger, Steve and Carol Richardot Enright, Sarah von der Heyde Richards, Steve and Brenda Walker Swords.

B.J. Heywood, Gloria Shreyer Murphy, Beverly Byrne Walker Gary Walker

Vance Packard, Rita, Nicki and Russ Kimes, 
Ann and Herb Smith, Barbara Smith (Vance's wife) 

Vance and Barbara

09 November 2010

Bill Irwin sends his photos

 Al Holly
 Bill and Carol Irwin

Bill and Jerry at the brunch

 Bill and Susie Munger

 Don Cerullo talks to Mike Mattiello, with Bruce and Connie Taylor in the background.

Harvey and Bill, with Rita in background
 Harvey and Andrea Rohde
Karen and Chris Chase

Lissa, Don Souden, Kent, Vance Packard, Bill and Herb Smith

Mike Mattiello

George and Nancy Hebard