Our 50th Reunion was wonderful! Thank you, thank you to all who came, and helped too. Many suggested that we get together again in a mere five years. Why not? We have a good working email list now, so let's try.

I will post all the bios which came in during the final week before the reunion, and if you send me photos, I'll put them up as well.

26 June 2010

Connie and Bruce Taylor with their oldest grandson, Alex, at his high school graduation (also his eighteenth birthday). Eight more grandchildren coming along nicely. Hallmark must love us.

Here is part of a message from Bruce Taylor, sent to Lissa. I got his permission to post it here on the blog. You may send comments here, or to Bruce directly at brucetaylor1@optonline.net

Connie and I both retired in 2002. We have been enjoying a most satisfying life with family, travel, and creating lots of music with friends in the Walkabout Clearwater Chorus and the Serendipity Chorale.
We did experience tragedy unfortunately, when we lost our son (my step-son) Brad on 9/11. He was the super-star of our family - a straight A student, accomplished athlete, and most successful bank securities trader. Since then we have met many wonderful, supportive people whose families also suffered the loss of loved ones. Together we have been learning how to cope and make the best of our remaining years.

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